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Point of Sale software simplifies and accelerates checkout
The checkout process is one aspect of your store that will stick clearly in the minds of your customers. This pivotal point of interaction will contribute to their overall opinion of your business in a significant way. That's why it is important for retailers in any market to find a strong system that will facilitate the checkout process in a fast and error-free manner. ChainDrive's retail management software package includes a Point of Sale component that is designed to simplify and accelerate checkout. It's fully integrated with the ChainDrive database and includes all of the intuitive and advanced tools you need to give your customers premium satisfaction.
With ChainDrive's Point of Sale, your employees will be able to look up any and all products in real time. They will be able to see current pricing and availability as well as any other information on that product that you may have stored in your database. This allows your work force to answer any questions customers may have about a certain product at any time. The Product Look-up feature can even allow your employees to see if these products are available within the district or within the entire chain of stores.
Our Point of Sale tool also includes an intuitive Workforce Management module that goes beyond simple scheduling and punch-clock functionality to give you full control over your employees. Tools such as Copy/Paste, View and Print, Actual Versus Schedule Monitoring, Security and Control Settings, and Hourly Rounding Rule Options help you customize the way you handle your workforce to fit your business's needs.
ChainDrive's Point of Sale is designed to give customers a fast and pain-free experience at the checkout lanes. Using this tool effectively will improve the satisfaction of your customers and it will lead to more sales and new customers.
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