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Best Hotel Management Software
If you are a hotel owner, so you know that you can be more successful if you can provide a better experience for your customers and gain greater control over your costs and profits.
Our Hotel and Resort Management Software will help you do both. Our multi-user Hotel Management Software and our Restaurant Point of Sale Systems will give you the business software solution for your business need.
We are providing complete software solutions for Hotels and Resort Management gives you the tools you need to run a better business, our software solution help Increase the speed of customer service, Increase the accuracy of reservations and billing, Improve your ability to serve your guests. We are giving you excellent features for your Hotel Management including…. Menu Features
    • Define Employees.
    • Define Rooms.
    • Define Room Types.
    • Assign Rooms To Tabs.
    • Schedule Employees.
    • Remove Closed Folio.
    • Reopen Closed Folio.
    • Assign Employee Cards.
    • Hotel Reports.
    • End of Day Processing.

hotel pos software

Employees & Report Features
    • Contains An Employee Time Clock That Feeds Payroll.
    • Prints Payroll Overtime Report Showing Overtime By Day And By Week.
    • Supports Employee Scheduling and Prints Schedules.
    • Optionally require manager to approve employees to clock out before they can clock out Allows Employees to Clock Out Without Manager Approval.
    • Allows For Multiple Hourly Rates Per Employee For Employees With Multiple Responsibilities.
    • Check-in Report.
    • Check-out Report.
    • Pending Check-out Report.
    • Reservation No Shows Report.
    • Rooms Checked Out By Day Report.
    • Room Sales Report.
    • Monthly and Yearly Sales Reports.

Room Features

    • Define Your Own Room Types Based On Your Hotel Layout
    • Designate Your Pricing By Room Type, Per Guest Quantity, Per Day
    • Define Max number of guests/room
    • Setup per Day, Per Week, And Monthly Rates
    • Create notes for each room listing features, etc
    • Assign room numbers to room types
    • Define up to 3 different room and lodging taxes
    • Supports over 10000 rooms
    • Specify default room rate type for reservations
    • Includes default values for room types based on capacities. Use our defaults or define your own
    • Front Desk Reports Features
    • Quick access to reports for daily processing
    • Check In report for all guests arriving today
    • Pending check out report for guests who should be checking out on a specified day
    • Reservation No Shows report
    • Rooms checked out by day
    • Print folios for all guests checking on a specified day

Reservations Features

    • Take reservations for any date
    • Optionally require credit card information to create reservation
    • Include multiple rooms in a single reservation
    • Specify number of guests for each room in the reservation
    • Pre-pay one or all rooms for a reservation
    • Validate customer's credit card for a reservation
    • Track customer ID and vehicle information with a reservation or folio
    • Automatically report no shows at the beginning of each day
    • Automatically assign confirmation numbers for reservations
    • View available rooms by room type
    • Shows number of day's room is available for up to 20 days
    • Specify rate type for reservation
    • Mark reservations and folios as tax exempt
    • Print reservation for customer
    • Cancel reservations

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