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Automated Weekly Prime Cost Reports Available To Store Managers
Generating a weekly prime cost report per store is time consuming and often inaccurate when attempted with other ERP solutions. This is the magnificence of Restaurant365 Accounting: at the end of each week, the full weekly prime cost report is automatically generated and made available to all appropriate members of your team.

Eliminate Reconciliation Efforts
"My managers generate reports out of one system and accounting works off QuickBooks and there is always a bothersome month-end reconciliation effort." With Restaurant365, the store managers are using the same software as the accounting team. All departments share the same data thereby eliminating reconciliation efforts. This results in tighter control of food and labor costs.

Restaurant Budgeting The budgeting tool in QuickBooks is simply inadequate to handle the complex task of properly creating a restaurant budget that feeds you useful budget v. actual comparisons. Restaurant365 has a budgeting tool specifically designed for account level, location level, and roll-up budgeting for restaurants.

13/4 Week, 4/4/5, Calendar Month
Restaurant365 is designed to organize your restaurant business into fiscal periods that work best for your organization. The system is flexible and can handle a 52 week year for operational purposes and at the same time report financials on 12 month calendar for tax or financial purposes. You can have it both ways without any additional work on your part.

Can you help me spread monthly bills across my 4 week periods?
Yes and it's as easy as 'pie' with Restaurant365. When you receive a bill that covers a month or a quarter or a year(s), you want to 'spread' the cost across multiple 4 week periods – or even across weeks! Instead of doing multiple accrual entries, Restaurant365 allows you to quickly spread the bill across either periods or weeks between any two date ranges.

Multi-unit restaurant businesses are often structured into multiple legal entities. This results in the need for intercompany transactions and Restaurant365 handles these allocations with ease. In fact, it is so automated, you can run multiple legal entities off a single checking account if you wish – all the 'Due From' and "Due To" entries are made for you. Does Restaurant365 Integrate with my Bank?
You betcha! Enter your bank log in credentials right inside Restaurant365 and the system will go out to your bank and pull in detailed activity that is then either automatically reconciled, discarded, or used to record a new expense/deposit. This feature saves loads of time. Contact us for the current list of banks that are supported in addition to American Express. Click here for a detailed breakdown of the difference between QuickBooks bank integration and
Restaurant365 bank integration. Oh how I love Excel! All reports are easily exported to Microsoft Office Excel. All the formatting on the original report is carried with the export so your reports are easily shared, manipulated, and used for analysis just the way you like them.
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