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To learn online is easy now a day by using any e-learning or online learning software tool. E-learning software is designed and available for all kind of people, either its group of kids who want to learn abcd, poems etc., group of youngsters who want to learn questions of guj-cet, design tools, any exam material for any standard level or group of women who want to learn cooking recipes.
Online Learning Software helps every body of any age group to learn every thing easily at home through internet. The software also provides unlimited options for all age group as well as for each kind of learning services.
Features for E Learning Software are mentioned as below:
E-learning software that we provide will be completely browser based for both the learner and the administrator.
We provide three types of user registration: open, approval required or closed Our software does not require any plug-in Multilevel course catalog Our software is very easy to use Our E-Learning Software can keeps tracking for Scores, bookmarks and results of individual questions.
Our software can generate the reports online. Place learners in groups Assign courses to all learners, specific learners and newly registered learners Expandable Customizable Multilingual
E Learning Software, Outsource Online Learning Software Tool
Our E-Learning Software offers you E-learning platform in your right sizes and to suit your individual needs.
We can provide you separate modules for Universities, Corporate, and Tuition classes, Training organization, Schools and colleges. Each module addresses the specific needs of the segment.
The system is designed in the way that meets your initial core requirement and can subsequently grow to meet your future requirements in learning management system.
The team of E-Learning Software development at Virtueinfo understands the challenges of implementation of a right E-Learning Software. We partner with our clients to implement and even customize the solution to best suit their organization. Our E-Learning Software provides easy-to-use, integrated access to all services needed to successfully implement e-learning platforms.
Virtueinfo E-Learning Software will serve the following objectives
    • Ease of Content placement
    • Ease of Communication
    • Enhance skills and improve productivity/results on year-to-year performance.
    • Ease of Administration
    • Adequate progress tracking and activity tools
    • Scalable to growing needs
    • Online reports
    • Fast to Implement
    • Integrated E-commerce functionality

Our E-Learning Software is a technology driven platform that enables educational institutions and business organizations to move teaching, training and learning initiatives and programs on the Internet for E-learning to take place. It provides Internet/intranet based infrastructure for teachers, instructors, trainers and program directors to manage and track a student, employee, trainee's participation and performance in E-learning.
We have successfully provided E Learning Software to our different clients based on USA, UK, Australia and Canada.
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