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Education Automation & Security System

The educational sector has emerged throughout AVM Solution UK over the years as an integral part of the business, as the need to be on top of the newest developments in technology is of upmost importance where schools, colleges, universities and other educational facilities are based.
For specialist equipment in the educational sector is concerned, AVM Solutions UK can provide complete packages to suit all needs.
Whiteboards and Display Systems
With more and more educational departments opting for new ways of teaching, many have discovered interactive whiteboard displays to be highly flexible and convenient. These interactive systems can be installed and customised with sound, microphone and PA systems for class rooms, theatres suites, lecture halls and demonstration rooms. Display screens can be mounted on walls and controlled from one or more stations, providing information generally around a campus, or to help spread information to everyone within a single room, or even within multiple rooms. Staff are at hand to inform on available choices and packages, who will put together packages suitable for specific budgets.
Sound System Installation
Choose from a wide variety of audio PA systems, catered entirely for your own specifications. Audio systems can be extremely flexible in their approach, and usually differ largely from one location to another.
The systems AVM Solutions UK usually provides in the educational sector are based around unobtrusiveness, quality and ensuring sound is made to cover the whole room. You can choose to have wall mounted systems, and small arc array devices which focus on long projection throw of audio ensuring that the sound signals carry throughout even the largest of halls. These systems are ideal where carrying information from one person to everyone else is regarded.
Microphones can be accessible as hand held devices, or discretely inset into ceilings, walls, lectern stands and desktops to aid speakers, lecturers and teachers. A level of care is always taken when installing such a permanent set up as to prevent the likelihood of problematic frequencies which can often lead to feedback or audio drops outs.
Induction Loops
You may select also from a range of induction loop hearing aid audio devices that can accompany people with hearing loss. Smaller portable devices are also available to allow one to carry such a system around with them to any venue in need of such a device.
CCTV Security and Automation Systems for Educational Facilities
In the educational department, security is highly recognised as integral to the business. AVM Solutions UK offer a range of options when it comes to CCTV security in Schools, Colleges or Universities, including high quality GANTZ products as well as more quality named brands. Both outdoors and indoors cameras can be provided, as well as systems with intelligent means of recording relevant data based up movement for example. Specialised cameras for night time viewing are also available, and some models will provide internal heating elements in order to prevent temperature faults. Sealed cameras keep out dust and condensation, while bullet cams and several other smaller discreet models can be used to remain unobtrusive in an environment. AVM Solutions UK also provide automation control systems which allow digital automatic controls to take place much quicker and easier than if applied manually. This includes such examples as automatic locking controls for outside gates, doors, lockers, safes, cabinets, windows. Additionally, there are a range of access approaches to consider such as key fobs, student key cards, codes or even more advanced secure heavy methods including fingerprint and iris scans. This digital control can be used to provide digital credits for services a student may take advantage of digitally. A shop or a vending machine for example may use such digital access to operate, enabling a better safety conscious environment, removing the need to use physical money or bank cards.
Student data can be stored on cards to be used in any way set by the educational department, and can be updated on an automated level, allowing for example student access cards to be automatically expired after a set date upon completing their course, or even during inaccessible periods set by the college.
For further information on the security of educational departments, feel free to contact one of our members of staff.
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