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About the Product

TWL HR Payroll Management System is completely integrated Enterprise Application covering immaculate Payroll system, comprehensive Human Resource Management, authentic Attendance and Time Management System along with leave, loan, and enriched with robust obligatory modules to run your business smoothly and faultlessly. To implement this unique software sophisticated and contemporary technologies has been used to give solutions to the problems regarding any kind of Human Resource Management of any kind of organization. This inimitable software comprises all the rules of Human Resource Management System.

Product Description

The combination of a wide range of features including some nice innovations with much improved design and usability, stability, unexceptionable system impact and highly impressive detection, seems like a winning one. Through a flawless procedure of recruitment via Post Requisition > Vacancy Approval > Advertising > Candidate Filtering > Final Selection this authentic software recruits manpower and keeps track of their details information from application submission to update key life details and events and performance and allows you to control over evaluation, promotion and development of your staff and organization. Time management and Attendance system strictly integrated with payroll system provides you the easiest and faultless form of paying to your staff. To make your business system easier, accurate, timely retrieval of employee and activity oriented information this unique, most talented software provides you near about two hundred varieties of modules.



To selecting personnel TWL HR system helps you tremendously to the process of filling vacancies from the initial step of defining and posting them through advertising and interviewing to the selection of candidates to the retirement with a huge number of reports.

Personnel Information Management

TWL HR Payroll system comprehensively preserves employee's details information educational background, personal data, payroll data, time profile, work experiences, personals training information and many more.


TWL HR payroll system strictly integrated with Attendance and Time management system completely assures you to give your employee's salary on time keeping an account of a single minute.

Employment History Management

Generate and Track all kinds of emploment information along with acounts and benefits from joining to pension/exit entry.

Organizational Planning

TWL HR Payroll system provides you a strong feature of three individual modules of Organizational chart, Company profile and Annual calendar in which you may declare your company's details of strategy, previous history, success, future plan etc to increase your employees enthusiasm and create your customers eagerness to your company.

Hardware Integration

Integrate hardware for attendance and Security Access Control System (SAC). Any kind of SAC hardware can add with this software solution.

  • Benefits

    • Your payroll system becomes matter of single click.
    • Your company structure becomes stronger and harder but most convenient to control.
    • Takes all the necessary attempts to upgrade your employee's competencies.
    • It streamlines your recruitment process tracking a huge number of necessary reports.
    • Maximize employee's inner excellencies by increment and compensation.
    • Cut your organization's paper trail.
    • Simplification of your company's form increase total efficiencies greatly
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